“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one” -Mark Twain  
  Credit 1 offers you the opportunity to correct your credit mistakes of the past. Like many missed opportunities, the regret of not taking advantage of something or not doing something sooner, is never an easy pill to swallow. Like home remedies and traditions passed down from generation to generation, the “know how” of getting and maintaining good credit is just as priceless, if not more in the world we live in today. The first step in obtaining great credit advice is taking the opportunity to schedule your Free Credit Analysis. Don’t let another opportunity to change your life pass you by!  
  Great credit is a necessity, with credit scores affecting most areas of your life. Banks, insurance companies, lenders, and employers all seem to want to check your credit before they offer you anything. Therefore you must achieve a high credit score and protect it with your life. Literally! Your credit is your responsibility and we are here to help you get what you want....BETTER CREDIT. WE FIX CREDIT! Fix NOW....Pay Later!  
  Credit Education is what made us "Americas Credit Superstore". When we educate people we empower them. WE DON’T WANT YOU TO REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES… WE WANT YOU INFORMED! Information is power!  
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